People behind: ...with great passion & dedication

It requires great passion and dedication for Giorgio Rivetti and his team from La Spinetta to bring this jewel of a winery back to its previous glory. With respect for tradition and history and a love for great Champagne, Giorgio and his team have taken over Italy's oldest metodo classico house. It is the goal of everybody behind this venture to revive the brand Contratto, a winery which during the 1920's and 30's was making top sparkling wines, exporting its metodo classico all over Europe, North and South America, Africa and as far as the Far East.

Dedication to top quality is La Spinetta's only way of making wine and the same philosophy applies to Contratto. There are many passionate wine people involved in this project; one of the most important is Andrea Rivetti, Giorgio's son, who has had a love for Champagne for many years. Andrea, in the past, has always made a small production of La Spinetta sparkling wines for his own private consumption, he now has ample opportunity to live his passion, supporting the winemaking of the Contratto wines.

Mauro Ferrero has been working for Contratto since 1978 when he began his apprenticeship and later learned how to become a maker of sparkling wine. The work includes the general work of cellar management, but also the skilled tasks of rémuage (riddling) and dégorgement (disgorgement), two crucial steps of making high-quality sparkling wine. In peak times, Mauro used to disgorge over 2,000 bottles a day, all by hand. Today this manual skill is an art, as manual disgorgement has been replaced by machines, that first freeze the yeast in the neck of the bottle, before the cap is opened and the wine gets disgorged. Mauro today still shows his manual skills to people visiting the winery, however one day unfortunately, skills like that will die out.

Carlo Rivetti and his son Marco love Champagne and just like the rest of the team fell in love with this beauty of a winery. Both help to oversee the vineyard work and are always available, when an extra pair of hands is needed.

Luca Cigliuti has been with La Spinetta and Contratto for several years. His great passion and know-how for wine and many years of experience in sales make him a most valuable asset to the winery. Luca is in charge of our Asian market and has greatly extended sales in this fairly new territory.

Vanessa Cinti only recently joined the Contratto and La Spinetta team, but she has ample experince in the world of wine. She has been a sommelier to top restaurants in London and Colorado. Vanessa overseas with charm and extensive knowledge the US, Canada and UK market.

Elisa Musso, Carlotta Molinaro and Gemma Norton are passionate wine lovers. Their passion for great wine brought them to Contratto. They welcome all visitors, who come to Contratto to taste wine and to see the amazing cellar.

In 2004 Anja Cramer left Germany to start a new venture in the wine world of Piedmont. Her love for wine and her skills in Marketing have contributed to the sales of La Spinetta over the past 10 years. Today Anja is also a proud part of the Contratto winery, putting her passion and efforts into the Marketing and Sales of Contratto's sparkling wines and the Vermouth. In addition we all know, that a little bit of German organizing can't hurt in any Italian winery.

No good team and company may succeed without a good back office. Mirella Perrone and Emanuela Billella with their positive and friendly nature and their attention to detail and numbers, run the office with perfection and wonderfully support the team.

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