The unique secret behind a great wine is an exceptional grape

The Rivettis found the land and climate in Bossolasco, a little town in Alta Langa, had the perfect characteristics for growing Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Giorgio Rivetti decided to invest in these hills. He was convinced in the zone’s characteristics, which has many similarities to vineyards in the Nebbiolo zones, would all ensure that the terroir would make the ideal place for the Contratto wines.

Località Ave

The vineyards in the Ave area are all South-west facing and well sheltered by the nearby hills; the unique
micro-climate in which grow the grapes offers wines of great longevity and elegance, while the clay-
calcareous soil gives very intense fragrances and mineral notes.

Grape variety: 60% pinot noir, 40% chardonnay
Municipality: Bossolasco (CN)
Exposure: South, South-West
Area: 12 hectares
Altitude: 700-750 m asl
Average age of the vines: 10 years
Soil: calcareous marl, strongly characterized by calcium carbonate, silt and white sand

Località Moncurto

From the vineyards of the Moncurto area, affected by a particularly mild climate and characterized by an
incredibly varied soil, originate grapes with an immense potential: the outcome is a surprising harmony of finesse, elegance, and freshness.

Grape variety: 50% pinot noir, 50% chardonnay
Municipality: Bossolasco (CN)
Exposure: South, South-East, South-West
Area: 12.5 hectares
Altitude: 750-820 m asl
Average age of the vines: 10 years
Soil: the upper part of the vineyard is sandy, calcareous, and rich in silt and silicon while the lower part is
marly and calcareous

Località Porera

The combination of a fertile, compact, and marly soil of the Porera area with its good water retention and
an excellent exposure, enables us to produce a Pinot Noir of incredible longevity, structure and freshness
combined with rich and mineral aromas.

Grape variety: 100% pinot noir
Municipality: Bossolasco (CN)
Exposure: West, South-West
Area: 5.5 hectares
Altitude: 750-780 m asl
Average age of the vines: 12 years
Soil: calcareous marl, light clay and a good mineral component, particularly silicon