Vermouth Bianco

White Vermouth

Fresh, Complex, Harmonious

Characteristics of the spirit


Cortese white wine, alcohol, water, sugar, extracts of 50 aromatics from natural herbs, spices, roots, and seeds (of which 22 are secrets)


Hawthorn, coriander, marjoram, bay leaf, chamomile, cretic dittampo, aloe, cinnamon, mint, ginger, angelica, cloves, nutmeg, bitter orange, gentian, nettle, sweet orange, carob, juniper, rhubarb, hibiscus, sage, cinchona, lemon, elderberry, bergamot, licorice, sandalwood.

Production method

Fine crushing of the botanicals with a hammer mill. Cold extraction using a hydroalcoholic solution that irrigates the botanical powders for about 20 days, to be sure to extract all the aromatic substances. The extract is then mixed with wine, alcohol, and sugar. It is then refrigerated and filtered to remove all solid residues. It is then aged in steel tanks for about 40 days.

Service temperature

43-46 °F

Recommended glass