Visit Italy's most historic and fascinating winery, an UNESCO World Heritage site...

A visit to the cellars of Contratto is a one-of-a-kind experience.

In 150 years of winemaking, Contratto went from producing Moscato and red and white wine to Spumante Metodo Classico, as well as Vermouth, tonic and syrups. The historic cathedral cellars, now designated to become a UNESCO Heritage Site, are a real treasure, and among the finest of their kind. These huge underground cellars, covering more than 5,000 square meters, were built into the heart of the hill that protects the small town of Canelli, excavated from tuff limestone to a depth of 32 meters.

In an elegant edifice built in Italian Liberty-style, with impressive wrought iron gates and an enchanting cobblestoned courtyard, Contratto winery welcomes its guests. A gallery holds documents and photos recording the history of the company and, in the "sala dei sacchi" there is a fascinating collection of ancient instruments and machines once used for the vinification process.

The highlight of the visit are the 32 meter deep cathedral cellars where, for almost 150 years, bottles of wine produced with Moscato and since the 1940s with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes have been stored as well as the tasting of today's high end sparkling wines and artisanal Vermouths, Aperitif and Bitter.

Contratto is pleased to receive visitors from Monday to Sunday, preferably by appointment. The maximum group size that can be accommodated at a time is 25 people. Please calculate 90 minutes for the tour through the cellars, that emphasizes the history of 145 years of wine making and the tasting, that follows the tour...

Bringing your loved ones with you:
Our guests are more than welcome to bring along their children. Children, unless they are old enough (decision of the parent) to participate in the tasting, visit the winery at a reduced price of 10,00 Euro. We kindly like to ask the parents to always supervise their children. Please note, that the loved ones on four legs are not permitted in the cellar, as it is after all, a food making facility.

Charges per person:
25,00 Euro for the tour and the tasting

We may accomodate groups up to 25 people.

To book a visit, please send a short mail to:
or call
Tel: +39 0141 823 349

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